On the 14th of November 2020, the Foilworx Dream Team attended their very first team building day.

What was initially met with apprehension, soon turned out to be a day submerged with an abundance of fantastic fun-filled activities. Cathy Zonomessis, the facilitator, is to be commended.  Each section of the programme had an element of suspense. Every single time Cathy dug into her bag of surprises the team found themselves roaring with laughter and excitement.

Teamwork was the emphasis of the day!!

The most memorable part of the day was when the staff was given the opportunity to experience a meditation room. An instant peacefulness settled upon each person as they entered the room making it the perfect place for the team to reflect upon the months gone by and do their self-evaluation appraisal.

Reinvigorated the Foilworx Dream Team awaits the next team building experience in great anticipation! Equipped to work together, not only as a team but a family, forging faithfully into the future!


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