10 Simple steps to get your company back on track being covid conscious



February 2020 saw the first diagnosed case of Covid- 19 . Since then we have all faced difficult and life changing challenges and endured 6 months of strict lockdown. Some of us lost family, friends, and colleagues due to this pandemic.


A year down the line -the role out of the vaccines has started and we are now at Level 1 lockdown. But now is not the time to become complacent.



Foilworx follows these 10 simple steps to keep compliant and so can you to get your company back on track …


Step 1            MASKS are king (or Queen)  – no mask no entry. We have posted this outside our reception area as well as around the workplace.


Step 2            We are all hot!  – but it is essential that everyone who comes to visit us at Foilworx has their temperature taken. Anything between 36 – 37 will earn you an entrance ticket


Step 3            Sanitize all service areas – hands, door handles, hand rails etc common areas and your hands again.  At Foilworx, we are responsible for our own work areas and sanitise every two hours.


Step 4            We love to keep in touch – that is why we ask you to fill in our Contact form – and just to make sure you are fit and healthy as well.


Step 5            Know who your Covid-19 Compliance Officer is. Each company should have appointed one to oversee and ensure all COVID protocols are being adhered to.


Step 6            Keep your distance! Just like we do on the road with those on motorbikes and bicycles – Make sure you are 1.5m apart.


Step 7             Wash your hands – find that happy song you can sing to keep going for 20 seconds. Our favourite one now is  “Don’t worry about a thing… cus every little thing is gonna be alright”


Step 8             VENT – i – lation.  We love a draught at the office and are conscious of making sure we always have proper ventilation during the workday.


Step 9             While we love your lingering presence after you have left us – we ensure that after every visitor and at the end of the workday – we clean and sanitise all surfaces and handles, pens etc.


Step 10           We respect each other at Foilworx. If we are feeling unwell or are showing any of the COVID symptoms - we communicate with our HR  department and stay at home  until we are well.




We would love to hear from our clients and suppliers to hear what they doing to keep covid conscious. Drop us and email or leave a comment below.


Remember you are protecting others by protecting yourself first!


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