Hot Foil Dies:

These are dies used to add texture to labels and conventional print. Example: wine labels, letterheads, business cards. greeting cards or perfume products. This is the shiny foil colour seen on various printing products.


Combination Dies:

This consists of a combination of foiling and embossing on one die to be used in one printing process.


Cut & Weld Dies:

This is a die that cuts and welds in one process and is primarily used by the clothing and plastic industry.


Embossing/Debossing Dies:

Embossing refers to a tool used to make a raised impression on labels, invitations, cartons, etc.

Debossing refers to a tool used to make a stamped impression into leather, labels, etc.


3D Embossing Dies:

A tool used to make a 3D impression onto cartons or labels. Unlike a normal embossing block, it is compulsory that a 3D embossing block be supplied with an epoxy male counter. 


Multi-Level Embossing Dies:

A specialized tool which gets used to make raised impressions of various depths. It gets used the same way a normal embossing block gets used only it has a mulit-level impression.



Tools used to spark an impression into steel. The engraving of this tool unlike any of the others are engraved in the right reading.


Wax Seals:

A tool with a brass tip used to make an impression into wax. Hot melted wax is poured onto a surface then this tool is pressed into the hot wax to make an impression.