Embossing refers to the creation of an impression of design, decoration, lettering or pattern on another surface like paper, cloth, metal and even leather, to make a relief. In engraving, plates are pressed against the surface to leave an imprint. In embossing, however, the pressing raises the surfaces adding a new dimension to the object.


Embossing is an elegant process that changes the nature of the material that has been embossed. Often it elevates the standard and quality of the product. Embossing thus makes things more beautiful than they originally are. The simplest of objects can become pieces of art worthy of the highest praise by using a technique as easy as embossing.


Of course, how good an embossed object looks depends entirely on the quality of embossing. Poor quality embossing can completely destroy the appeal of an object. However, good quality embossing can make an object positively breath-taking. Needless to say, our clientele will only receive a product of excellent quality at FOILWORX.