Andre du Plooy

Owner and Director

Andre Du Plooy is the Sole Owner and Director of Foilworx (Pty) Ltd. and it has been quite a journey for him to finally achieve that title. He is an accomplished programmer and specializes in innovative technological methods. He has developed a niche which transforms a process of bringing flat sheets of brass and magnesium into 3D embossed & debossed, artwork to life. He is responsible for educating his employees on using progressive systems and applications.

Andre is very “hands- on” and a rather powerful force in the workplace. He uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. He has emanated years of experience and achieved numerous accomplishments within the metal industry.

He started out his journey as a Tool Jig and Dye Maker and used this qualification as his foundation to gain experience within many other trades across the metal engineering artisan industry.

Over the years, he has continually upskilled himself always searching to increase his knowledge and grow his intellectual property across the board. He is inspired daily by his son Joshua and motivated by his wife Dez.

In his free time, he enjoys playing a round of golf, watching Netflix and surfing Gumtree for bargains. Andre is enthusiastic about his job and meticulously enjoys working with his hands. He is very much a family man and nothing brings him more happiness than spending time with his son and his wife.


Desray du Plooy

HR & Finances

Desray is a qualified Educator whose passion will always be teaching. She firmly believes that teaching is more than just a mere job and instead is a profession. She tries to centre most of her life lessons along her journey around the phrase: “...Don’t just give a man a fish…teach him how to fish and he will never go hungry…”

Over the years, Desray has successfully furthered her studies, obtaining various qualifications and expanding her skill-set. This has helped her to expand and extend her knowledge within the educational field. As a result of other various short courses, she has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience and acquired many skills but continuously believed that there is still so much more to learn.

Exclusive to the past few years, Desray has been enlightened through exposure to the corporate sphere. Therewith, she was introduced to a new dimension of training. Desray is fervent about merging her teaching background with her SDF training to become of service. She has reached a point in her life where she can devote her administrative aptitude and dedicate her experience to educating other employees on using progressive systems, applications, communication procedures and various other protocols and procedures. It has been challenging but Desray always enthusiastically embraces her role as Human Capital Manager.

Desray is inspired by people’s understanding of teamwork. She gravitates towards people who think about teamwork differently and is heartened to be on the road with individuals who want to celebrate the power of working together. On her journey, she always tries to surround herself with people of diverse perspectives who can respectfully converse with her.

Below, one of her favourite quotes:

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team” – Phil Jackson


Ashley Moolman

Operational Manager

Ashley is driven and passionate by nature. He is a kind-hearted soul and down to earth. People are drawn to his warm-hearted personality. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and finds further fulfilment when spending his day with his Foilworx family.

Job Description:
Ashley's role involves liaising with customer requests via email, sending out quotes and or sending graphic proofs to customers. Once the customer approves of the quote, it is Ashley’s responsibility to do the necessary briefing and liaising with the various departments. Thus, ensuring that all artwork is 120% prepped and ready for the programmer to start programming. During this process, he further interacts with customers consistently updating them on the progress of the job. He effortlessly manages all daily operations and is the first and last port of call to all staff members.

Experience & Qualifications:
Ashley has 10 years of experience as a Graphic Designer and has been involved at various levels within industries such as retail, printing and the metal industry.

With his studies, he gained his Graphic Design qualifications in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In-Design, Corel Draw and Dreamweaver. Over the years, he also attained knowledge in Type 3, Pastel and Quick Books adding much advantage to the Foilworx Family.

Ashley was promoted to Operational Manager on 3 August 2020 because of his hard work and dedication to Foilworx (Pty) Ltd. He looks forward to a prosperous future and has pledged to work to the best of his ability and help the Senior Management Team achieve their goals.

Catherine Zonomessis

Brand and Training Manager

It is with great gratification that the Senior Management Team welcomed Catherine Zonomessis as their Brand & Training Manager to the team on 01 March 2021.


Cathy has a brilliant positive energy, and her beautiful demeanour invigorates all members of the Foilworx team.   She comes with a vast number of skills, experience and expertise and thus is responsible for the inhouse upskilling of our staff members.  Additionally, she has fast become the guardian of our brand. Daily, Cathy strives to consistently maintain our brand integrity across the company’s marketing initiatives and communications.


Furthermore, her skill set of analysis and creativity to implement ideas and achieve Company goals is impeccable. Her purpose is to ensure that our products, services, and product lines that fall under the Foilworx domain resonate with current and potential customers.


We are elated that Cathy has chosen to join our humble hub and we look forward to journeying prosperously with her into future.


April Josephus


When you call Foilworx, you will be met with a friendly hello and directed to the necessary person who needs to assist you.


She is also our Covid Officer and will advise you with what is required upon entering our premises.

Chad Davis

Junior DTP

After a vigorous round of interviews, the Foilworx Senior Management Team appointed Chad as their new Junior DTP employee on 01 March 2021. He has an unassuming quiet nature about himself and a fresh approach to marketing ideas. His hard work and creative flair have endeared him a permanent position at the Company.


Furthermore, Chad has 9 years of experience in Graphic Design and over the years he has obtained various other expertise across the following fields:


DTP, CTP, Graphic and Marketing Design as well as Print Design.


Hence, it is with great pleasure that we welcome Chad Davis to the Foilworx team. We trust that his passion for design will become an added asset to our family and we look forward to forging faithfully with Chad.

Yushri Hendricks

Is our Toolroom assistant and the most prominent employee when it comes to making Male Counters for jobs needed.

Jonathan Meintjies

Is responsible for packaging and setting productive activities in motion through the release of orders.


Dispatching is an integral part of our day as it needs to be carried out according to pre-planned times and a sequence of route sheets and loading schedules.

Jaxa Constance Lungiswa

General Worker

Foilworx cannot function without our dear Connie. She makes everything shine.


Nigel, our support  IT specialist.


Feel free to contact Nigel for any IT support needed.