When it comes to debossing items, the first step is to choose a metal plate that features your design. After the plates are created, the manufacturer determines how deeply the design will be stamped into the product.


Once the plate has been engraved, it is fit into a machine that will stamp the items with a customised look. As opposed to a homecraft technique, the use of machinery increases the efficiency and accuracy of printing and producing customized products at lightning speed.


Debossing machines are also able to create the extreme conditions that result in a logo becoming a permanent part of our client’s products. Debossing also uses high temperatures to manipulate the material into the indented shape of a logo. The result is a custom imprint that looks elegant and subtle and won't fade or flake over time.


Embossing vs. Debossing:

Debossing and embossing are two different but closely related processes. Debossing produces an image that's pressed into the material and indented, while embossing produces an image that's raised and slightly higher than the surface of the material.