CNC Precision Engineering

This is what Foilworx specializes in.


It is a process in which the manufacturing sector incorporates the use of computers in order to control machine tools. Using our tools, we manage CNC mills, manual mills, lathes, drill press, heat press, routers and grinders.


It may seem like a PC manages the machines, but it is the unique manner in which we manage the software and control the console of the computer, that sets the system apart when using it in CNC engineering.


In CNC machining, the machine tools operate through numerical control. A computer program is specified for an object and the machines are programmed with a G-code (a CNC machining language) which controls all features like coordination, feed rate, speeds and location. CNC precision engineering enables the computer to control exact velocity and positioning. CNC machining is used in the production of both plastic and metal parts.